Gender Scan

Gender Scan


The primary objective of this scan is to check the wellbeing of your baby.

Determine the wellbeing of your baby from 16 – 24 weeks and confirm their sex; with a free 4D preview included when possible! We always aim to provide you with a fun and friendly experience, whilst only ever performing your scan by a qualified, experienced, and registered obstetric sonographer.

What’s included with your Gender Scan:

  • Exclusive time with our qualified sonographer where you can ask any questions you like!
  • Locate your pregnancy
  • See and listen to your baby’s heartbeat
  • Date your pregnancy – to confirm how far along you are
  • Confirm the position of your placenta
  • A wellbeing check will be performed to review your baby’s progress
  • Receive a scan report & wellbeing form
  • Find out the sex of your baby with our EXCLUSIVE gender reveal lighting! The room will light up pink for a girl or blue for a boy!
  • 2 x black & white prints to take home
  • FREE 4D preview (optional)

Multiple pregnancies: There is a surcharge of £20 for multiples as we have to reserve a longer appointment time for you. Please contact us on 01623 272 662 so that we can organise this. If you book through the website, we may need to change the date/time of your appointment at short notice.


  • Digital download of all images (£10)
  • Digital download of scan video (£15)
  • Additional prints (£4 each)
  • Heartbeat bear (from £20)
  • Gender reveal confetti cannons (£12)


If we are unable to confirm the sex of your baby and you are 16 weeks or over, we may offer you one free rescan at a later date*.

Please note:

  • We are only able to provide scans to persons over the age of 18.
  • We are a non-diagnostic service. This scan should not replace any of your routine NHS scans as this is purely for non-diagnostic purposes.
  • Our guest policy is mum-to-be plus 6 guests. Guests can be adult or children so long as it is only 6 guests with mum-to-be in total.
  • The video recording has no audio capability.
  • If you are planning a gender reveal party, please allow a couple of days after your scan in case a rescan is required.
  • The free 4D preview is only applicable if your baby is in the right position during your appointment, before 32 weeks’ gestation.

For twin bookings, please be aware that booking through our website may mean your time / day may need to be adjusted to reserve extra time therefore we recommend you call us directly to book.

*At the manager’s discretion, T&Cs apply. Rescans will not be provided for the purpose of a 4D preview.

You must still attend your routine scans with the NHS.

Preparing for your Gender Scan

You can prepare for your gender scan by ensuring that you are properly hydrated in the 24 hours prior to your appointment. Please arrive to your appointment with a full bladder.

Please ensure that you arrive 5 minutes early for your scan in order to complete the necessary paperwork. Failure to do so may result in your appointment time being reduced.

Please bring your pregnancy notes with you. We may not need them, but it is helpful if our qualified sonographers need to refer to them at any stage during your gender scan.

Additional images, digital downloads of your scan images and a variety of products are available at Hey Baby 4D Mansfield to purchase on the day.

Finding Baby Scan

We are located on the main high street of Mansfield town centre, specifically on the vibrant street known as West Gate where the Old Market Cross has stood since 1955, within walking distance of the Mansfield Library and Four Seasons shopping centre.

Customer parking is found to the rear of the building, along with parking at the Four Seasons shopping centre.

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